Best graduate school courses

Hi everyone! Which graduate school courses you would recommend? There are several ones on scientific writing, presenting, management - what is the most interesting and useful?

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excellent post idea!!!

I personally took the art of presenting science as a postdoc (before the GS even existed!) I found it to be a very good course.

I also arranged this course for the PhD students of an EU consortium I am part of and they all liked it very much! It is a bit “full on” and “out of the box”: pushing you out of your comfort zone. But very effective.

I hear it is a bit tricky to translate it “online”, hopefully it will be possible to give it in person again soon.

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A lot of what makes a good/fun GS course is up to personal taste. I’d recommend determining for yourself what you’d like to learn (either because it’s interesting to you, because you have wanted to develop your skills in it for longer, or even because you’re not good at it and would like to get better). As an example, I like teaching, so I took the course T3.A2 Foundations of Educational Design which I found really interesting. It has since received an overhaul, so your experience might be different.

For most of the Research-related and Transferable courses there’s a list with reviews by people who have taken the course which was compiled by some people from BN (if I recall correctly). You should be able to read it here.

For the discipline-related courses, the PhD council is working on compiling a list of courses/summer schools that people have taken, for inspiration. It’s not up to scratch yet, but here is a link.

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