Cu evaporation experiences

I saw that e.g. the Leybold L560 can be used to evaporate copper. I was wondering if someone has experience with this.
Any experiences would be valuable, but I would be especially interested in experiences for conductance, especially at cryogenic temperatures (in particular ~4K) and oxidation behaviour.

If there is another way of depositing Cu (like electroplating) I would ofc also be interested.

Hi Rene
I have indeed sputter deposited Cu in Leiden cleanroom. It was a sputtering machine; The deposition itself is similar to any other metal and there is nothing especial.
I used the films for a different purpose (as a catalyst for graphene growth) and thus I did not need to characterize the conductance. The film has to be kept in vacuum to prevent oxidation.

Hi Hadi,
thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Do you know how bad do the oxide films get (just a few nm or would a 200nm film oxidize entirely through)? Are they self-terminating like in Al?

From what I know, oxides in Cu are messy, non self terminating and highly complex

(green roofs on buildings are one of the many copper oxides…)