English instructions for creating purchase requisitions in Alusta

After several years, there are still not instructions in English for making purchases in Alusta (which is a real problem for the foreign PhD students who need to use Alusta frequently to make purchases!)

To try to address this, I’ve gone through some hoops to create a google doc version of the Dutch language PDF and then add google translations to english. You can find it here:

The settings on the document allow you to add comments: please feel free to add comments if you see improvements in the document!

(Reading the document myself, I also do dearly hope that the TU Delft some day decides to implement an web interface for making purchases that involves a simpler and easier workflow…)



Also, if you want to make big edits (for example, to make it readable in both dutch and english to normal human beings), please feel free to use the button in google docs to request editing access

(the number of arbitrary seeming steps is already an indication that this is a sub-optimal system. also the number of times the people who wrote the instructions decided that they had to use red boldface letters is also a sign something is not so well designed…)