How to set up call forwarding?

One of the TUD manuals mentions that it’s possible to forward calls to office phones to a mobile phone. However there isn’t any information about this, and it seems handy because I doubt I’m going to visit my office anytime soon.

Did anyone ever set this us? I tried finding a manual, but to no avail.

I was indeed told recently that it is possible (in relation to providing the office phone number to students during the online exam), but I have no idea how this can be set up.

You can do this through Skype for Business. First, install skype for business on your computer. When logged in with your TU Delft account, within skype, you can then make and answer calls as if through your office phone, and set up call forwarding. Details on this manual page:

Thanks @tidema, this seems to be the way to go. Somehow making and receiving calls still doesn’t work, but I believe this is for the service point to fix.

To report back: to finally enable this, one needs to have telephony via skype for business enabled by filling out this topdesk form, and only then it will work.