Introduce yourself!

Hello world!

I hope that this forum will turn into a useful tool and will help many of us in research and daily work.

But now, let’s get this discussion going: say a few words about yourself!

I’ll begin: I’m a member of the quantum tinkerer group at QN/QuTech, and I like tinkering on stuff (as long as it doesn’t require dealing with anything experimental). I think I’m pretty OK with scienfitic Python, and sometimes with non-scientific Python as well.

Together with several other volunteers I run the Casimir programming course each November.

To conclude, here’s a random image (those are not compulsory, but very welcome!):


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Hi all,

I’m Gary, I’m a Professor in Quantum Nanoscience where I run the SteeleLab:

For years, I taught Nanotechnology and Quantum Mechanics, but nowadays I teach Computational Science, python for 1st year students, and Quantum Sensing and Measurement.

Some of the things I could imagine I could help with in the forum:

  • Fab / Cleanroom help
  • Microwave measurements
  • Physics in general :slight_smile:
  • Python / QuTiP
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Living in Holland as a foreigner
  • Dealing with crappy TU Delft ICT (alusta, brightspace, digiforms, ICT general questions, …)

Since Anton put up an image, I’ll post one too, one I had the undergrads calculate my course:


Do you know what it is and what it means? :slight_smile:



I everyone, I am Nicco from QN. Quite experimental (screwdrivers <3) , I also love to teach and etch silicon. My programming skills in python are on the level “it’s working in some way”, the few time that it’s actually working.
Beside this I like to climb, bike and boxe.

To continue the random images, here a red panda:
Untitled picture


Hi everyone, I’m Slava, and I brought you this forum this morning, haha :smile:

I am theoretical physicist/research software engineer/sysadmin/the man who solves problems/cool guy/… from Quantum Tinkerer group. I can help you with many things related to coding, especially I am willing to help you with how to use cluster, how to do quantum simulations with quantumsim and if this forum misbehaves (usually it is my fault).



Hello, I am Yaroslav Blanter. I do not think I have any knowledge useful for this forum, except for possibly an institutional knowledge (unless I am mistaken, there are not more than 10 people working here continuously longer that I have been) and a bit of understanding of how the university environment works. However, I feel that I should post for a random picture (own photo).Tokyo Tower

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Hi, I am Janis Erdmanis. I do theory but often rely on the computer in the research. I have been doing ODEs, SDEs, diagonalization of a sparse Hamiltonians, nonlinear stochastic matrix equations. As a hobby, I have picked up cryptography and security protocols. Also a heavy Julia user.

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Hi everyone, I’m Matthijs de Jong, a PhD student from the Gröblacher lab in QN. I’m very much an experimentalist (though I also like simulations). I work on optomechanics, though most of the time I’m in the lab trying to figure out why my setup isn’t doing what I think it should be doing.

I’ve been at the TU Delft for almost 8 years already, as I did both my Bachelor and Master here. I very much like skiing, although I was born in the wrong country to do much of that (more than 1 week a year)

2020-01-31 12.08.33
The above image contains the Les Houches school of physics, but it’s hidden by a mountain.


Hi all ,

I am Leila from Bionanoscience. It is great to be here and have the opportunity to exchange and discuss code related stuffs (and other things as well) with you guys!
I did my Master on Applied Physics 5 years ago :no_mouth: so I kind of know some of you :smiley:
I am currently in finishing my 2nd year of the PhD.
best and cheers to everybody!

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Hi everyone! My name is Eliška and I am going to join Dept of Quantum Nanoscience this September. I work at the boundary between quantum devices, machine learning and condensed matter. I like to think about abstract theoretical questions like how much physics AI can learn from data, but I also very much enjoy working with real experiments.

Outside of physics, I hike, run, cycle and read a lot of sci-fi.

I am currently looking for motivated PhD and master students. PhD job opening here under “Quantum Matter and AI” and more details about my research on my personal webpage.


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Hi everyone,

My name is Marios and I am currently doing a post-doc with Yaroslav Blanter at QN. My research is split between theory of optomagnonics (figuring out ways to couple spin waves and superconducting circuits) and modelling the noise properties of superconducting x-ray photon detectors for ESA.

I have been around for a while now, completing my master’s project in DiCarlo lab at Qutech and my PhD in Gary Steele’s group, doing theory and experiments on superconducting qubits and electromechanical resonators.

I hope I can help with questions regarding the quantisation and design of electrical/mechanical circuits, python/qutip questions, as well as microwave measurements or cleanroom-related questions.

Here is a not-so-random picture:


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