Programming for Beginners

I thought that it would be a good idea for those trying to brush up on their programming skills and those that are just learning to share resources.

Outside actual coding, I think that sometimes that it could feel overwhelming, as there is so much involved, e.g. creating libraries, connecting to git and many other things.

What courses/resources have others found to be the most helpful during their coding journey?

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The Casimir programming course is offered yearly and covers a bunch of useful topics for beginners.

When I was starting out I also found Project Euler very useful (and fun!). I learned a lot by solving the problems, but also by looking at other people’s solutions (which you can see after you’ve solved a problem). More often than not you will find a faster, more concise and more readable solution than yours :slight_smile:


You can also check out my course on “Introduction to Python for Physicists”:

(shameless plug? but it may be useful)


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I definitely learned a lot from watching C++ tutorials by TheCherno. It’s a 90+ collection of videos starting with the basics of C++, how to set up, what a compiled language is, to more in depth topics like stack and heap memory, smart pointers and benchmarking.

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I keep a list of different learning resources on Github (contributions welcome!).
This is part of my work for the meetup group Pythonistas-NL, where we periodically* meet to discuss python issues and code together (albeit it is preferred if you have some basic knowledge before coming there).

*well, not as much lately due to restrictions…

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Maybe also useful resource to add to the list :slight_smile: :

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Thanks @Leila, added.