Public Engagement

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I was wondering if TU Delft organises public engagement opportunities, i.e. disseminate science to a wider audience via local schools or through organised science festivals. If not, has anyone participated in public engagement events locally?

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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There are several activities, although these days I am unsure how they will proceed because of COVID.

  • In October there’s the Delft Science day—then a bunch of people would attend demonstrations organized on the university grounds.
  • There are some semi-organized lectures at high schools, I think @sanderotte organized one like that.

Come to think of it an online event could work well. I see for example that Leiden astrophysicists run a bunch of workshops for school kids.

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I’m aware of the event that Anton also mentioned about the lectures at the schools and found this message on intranet:

There are some irregular activities that are organised as well. An example is the library’s ‘who is afraid of the end of life’ series:

I know that Sabine Kunst and Nicoleta Nastase from the Library are also engaged with Citizen Science and outreach, so if you have something in mind perhaps you can contact them to see if they can help you?

I’m not aware of any TNW specific activities.


We had two showcase events for teachers last year. Sander Otte organized them and knows all the details.

I was also running Math and Science Class for high school students (5 VWO, approx 17 years), but we had to stop a year ago.