Publons and ORCID ID

Hi everyone,

I recently did my first peer review for a journal (I am a first year PhD student) and, when submitting my review, I was asked:

  • if I wanted to get recognition for the review on Publons,
  • and if I wanted to create an ORCID ID.

I am a beginner in the world of journals and peer reviewing, so I wanted to ask for advice on this. Is it worth to create a profile on Publons to keep track of my reviews? Should I create an ORCID ID? Any other tips on platforms in which I should register (Google Scholar, arXiv, etc.)?


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  • You definitely want an ORCID: it’s a standard ID for researchers. It’s open and used throughout (some organizations require supplying an ORCID).
  • Turning to publons, the situation is less clear cut. As an advocate of open infrastructure, I’m not a fan of publons: it’s owned by Clarivate, and it doesn’t have a transparent business model. They charge publishers, which means that in the end authors and libraries pay some unknown amount.

In practice, publons are also less visilble. Anonymity of peer review is commonplace, and if you write in your CV that you’ve reviewed for journal X, people will in practice take your word for it.

Open review and signed review, while an emerging and a possibly promising practice, didn’t arrive yet, and I always consider carefully whether to sign a review—be it positive or negative.


Very interesting… Then I think I will just create an ORCID ID for now. Thank you for the advice! :smile:

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