Saving cluster data on your own desktop

Hi there,

I am using the cluster for the first time now, and I would like to save the data on from the cluster to my own computer. I know there should be a command that synchronizes the cluster folder with a folder on my computer. The command uses ‘rsync’, though it does not seem to work because it cannot detect the folder. It might be because I do not know how to correctly write the path to the directory…
Does anyone have any advise on saving data, and how the directories are correctly called?


Hi @Emma, welcome!

rsync should work. As far as I’m aware, rsync will understand both the absolute path (so /home/<username>/directory/to/copy) as well the path relative to your home folder, so just directory/to/copy. Note that the relative path doesn’t start with a /. Another thing that can go wrong is all the extra flags that one needs to pass to rsync. At the very least you want to pass -r for copying an entire directory.

For a specific example, if I have a directory /home/aakhmerov/test, then I copy it to my computer as rsync -r hpc05:test . (here hpc05 is the ssh alias I have created for the cluster).

Hope that helps,