Unable to deploy the jupyterBook in the web

Hi all,

I have managed to set up nicely my own Jupyter Book and I can deploy it locally but I would like to present it in the web.
I have twiked the files of build_and_deploy.yml to my requirements but is failing…
This is the link to the actions of my repo https://github.com/leilaicruz/jupyter-book/actions where all the files are, if somebody can help me.


You seem to be trying to install the jupyter-book library from your repository itself (and your repository isn’t even a Python package). I’m guessing you rather want to install it from pip or from https://github.com/executablebooks/jupyter-book/

So basically you want to change this line to run: pip install jupyter-book --pre (--pre for installing the latest beta version—they are fixing a bunch of bugs, so you really want the latest).

Thanks @anton-akhmerov . I also checked the run using the original repo of the Jupyter book and also the installation was succesful. Also , my build works , but the conflict now is with the SSH keys. I looked it up but could find a solution for the error I get.
Should I put the name of one of my SSH keys? here:
- name: Install SSH Client 🔑
uses: webfactory/ssh-agent@v0.2.0
ssh-private-key: ${{ secrets.DEPLOY_KEY }}

Thanks again :slight_smile:

This action tries to upload the changes, but it seems like you didn’t specify the SSH key. Check out the configuration section here.

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I did the configuration of the public and private Key , but I have this :frowning:
So it seems it recognizes the key but then it crashes… :no_mouth:

Your key seems to have a passphrase; you should create one with an empty passphrase.

Yes, I just realised that, I am doing another test after making empty the pasphrase but without removing the key.

One more thing to deploy succesfully in the web with all css styles is to add an empty file .nojekyll to the root to the repo in order to prevent github from trying to build the repo as a jekyll website. Now it finally works :smiley: https://leilaicruz.github.io/jupyter-book/index.html
Thanks @anton-akhmerov for all the help.