Open science practices

Hi all,

I know that @anton-akhmerov and @gsteele13 are leading on applying and reinforcing open science practices , which I think it is very necessary. I was wondering if you can open a channel about questions on that?, Like how to document software properly to ensure reproducibility , learn by good examples,etc . Also about nice documentation techniques using markdown , Jupyterbooks , etc?

what do you think?



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Always up for discussing open science! Not sure about a separate category at this point, since a lot of questions fit well also into programming.

I propose to start with questions and make a category later, once the scope becomes clear.

Great! Yes , I agree.


Let’s indeed start with a thread and we can split off into a category if we get too big :slight_smile:

Following Anton’s advice below, I forked this into a new topic:

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@anton-akhmerov Should I / can I somehow move my message above into a post that is not under the “site feedback” category?

Probably it would indeed make sense to move this to a separate topic, and only leave a note here.

(Move = ctrl-X → ctrl-V)

I created #academia; most open science questions fit there, I think.